Tuesday, September 25

Long time, no post.  I re-posted an old one on Kat's and my blog:

Sunday, August 21

My blog is updated with wedding pictures

To view pictures from the open house and the slideshow of the wedding and the reception, go to my blog. You can access it from Malerie's blog. Thanks for your patience!


Monday, July 25

Check Back Soon

Pictures on Mandy's blog will be posted soon. Sorry for the delay!

Friday, July 22

Wedding and Reception

Congratulations to the Newlyweds! We missed all who could not travel the long distance, but we felt your love. What a beautiful couple!

For more pictures, see my blog. You can access it through Malerie's blog.

Open House in Utah

We have no pictures yet of the Open House :( but here are some fun pictures of being together:

Summer in Texas

What we've done:
Mandy's Piano Recitals and Piano Lessons Cub Scout Day Camp Youth Conference
Boy Scout Camp EFY 4th of July in Dallas Girls Camp